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The Club

Sexy Weed Club

Quality, comfort and hospitality are our main values. We only provide our members the best of the best and all of our products go through strict quality controls. But that’s not enough if you are lock up in your parents basement surrounded by mood killers that ruin the experience for you.

We are advocates of the recreational and medical benefits of the plants with responsible consumption. Every member of Sexyweed’s staff is extremely well informed about everything you might need to know. They can offer information that suits your needs and, your tastes.

The Best Company

You’ll never smoke alone at Sexyweed. We cherish every member and every member cherish each other. If you are a regular or just passing by, you’ll find a soul to share with during your time at the club.

Why Sexy Weed?

Finest Top Quality Products

Flat Screen TVs

Yearly Memberships

Comfy Couches & Puffs

Friendly, Professional Staff

Amazing Community