The Experience

Exclusive Experience

Quality standards are very high in Sexyweed. That’s why we are the number one club recognized by the exclusivity and variety of its products. We offer a unique experience to all of our members with the best menu in the city and the most select community.

There won’t boring conversations at Sexy Weed

All of our members have stories to tell and dabs to share. People from all over the world visit this club and we make sure to appreciate and value every one of them. We know every member by name and we’ll always happy to see them come once more.

Members Only

Sexy Weed is a private social club. That’s means no one can come without an invitation. Each person must go through an application process and wait for a reply from our staff with further instructions on how to proceed with membership.

We do this to maintain our club’s privacy and to assure everyone can have the best experience possible during their time at Sexy Weed. If you wish to know more on how apply to become a member, please click the link below and follow the steps.

Request Membership