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Sexy Weed Cannabis Club

Sexy Weed is the heart of shisha clubs in the city. If you are looking for high quality variety of cannabis, this is the club you’ve been looking for.

Kick back in a couch, hang with friends and relax while you enjoy the best club in Barcelona.

Since the moment you become a member of Sexyweed, you’ll be inmerse in a luxurious experience, filled with sweet aromas and chill vibes in an exclusive ambience.

Wonderful tastes, aromas & company

Sexyweed takes pride on the quality and variety of all its products. We have the best of the best professionals working on a daily basis to discover new, exotic flavors and bring them to your hands.

Everyone that comes to Sexyweed is a member. We don’t accept anyone who wishes to come and we’ve created a very special and unique community. Keeping things interesting for the members is very important. We have musicians, artists, students and every kind of professional you can think of. At Sexyweed we aim to create a safe space for people to share and be authentic.

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It might be cold, it might be raining or unbearable hot outside, but it always feels like home inside the club. The minute you walk through the doors you feel the relaxed, comfortable, intimate and cozy mood that characterizes Sexy weed.

Candles, sweet aromas, quiet conversations amongst friends and strangers with soft music in the background fill the room. Sink into a couch with your favorite flavour in hand and breath in the fascinating atmosphere.